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blog shweta sachaniI started in 2010, way too excited about nails. It was like I wanted to paint every set of 10 i saw around me.. square, round, short or long. Wherever I saw a new color I went back and check my collection if I had them. I’d get so attracted with colors that I had a different color painted on all 4 walls of my bedroom.

Atlast, It was the colors that I was passionate about. Colors – that we not noticingly relate with our moods, our styles, our character. My friend riya for instance loves the pink color so much that she doesnt mind being called Pinky/pinku/pink for a change.

Ahhh.. I didnt mean to write a boring blog and bore you people with something you wouldn’t wana know..the fact that it is midnight and I am trying to wake up the writer in me… with failed attempts all I wanted to say was ..this is it! I love colors.. love wearing them and love to play with them. With that I became a makeup artist.. making people beautiful with colors. Before I go non stop, there are endless things I want to write learning about best products, what is right and what is wrong makeup.. the colors for summer and what to wear in winter..why should you let go off your kajal pencil..blah blah blah.. But for that you have to keep tuned in..check back and read my next blog :) Stay Gorgeous!! -Shweta Sachnai

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