Long live your lipstick !

Long live your lipstick ! The claims are bold but can all- day lip color survive that long? Usually long lasting lipsticks dry out your lips. Now you can wear normal lipsticks and make sure they stay on. Makeup India gives you make-upLong live your lipstick tips for lipstick that stays long on …

Use lip liners- Always start by applying a lip liner around the edge of your lips and also covering the entire pout. A lip liner acts as a lip primer and helps lipstick to stay long. You can also use a lip primer for a similar effect. A lip liner also helps you create the exact outline of your lips- so for all you need to do is then to fill them with your favourite color.

After using lip liner or a primer, put on the actual shade you will be wearing. Make sure you evenly apply the lipstick all over your lips with a lipstick brush.

When you’ve applied a coat of lipstick, blot your lips using a folded tissue. This is important to remove any imperfections on your pout. After blotting, load up an eyeshadow brush with loose powder and press the brush across the lips to create a matte finish.

Once you’ve powdered, apply another layer of lipstick or gloss on top of it for that perfect shine!Hope you’ve enjoyed this amazing tip! Keep tuned in for more tips on makeup.. Stay Gorgeous!

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