Makeup Artist Shweta Sachani : 5 Makeup Tips for looking younger!

Makeup Artist Shweta Sachani  5 Makeup Tips for looking younger!

Makeup Artist Shweta Sachani reveals how to reduce years off your age with Makeup- in minutes!

Conceal the deal –

Concealer has the most important job of all the makeup products we put on our faces — to hide the imperfections we’d rather not show. The most common mistake we do with our concealer is the most basic one. We don’t match it with our skin tone. All you need is a liquid concealer with lifting ingredients and loose powder to hide those under- eye bags. The lifting ingredient like Vitamin A will help prevent the concealer from settling into the creases. If you have dark pigmentation, make sure you use the heavy coverage of a cream concealer since they have a thicker texture with less oil than liquid, so they last longer.

Brighten Up -

The easiest way to create a youthful, dewy complexion, a cheek highlighter will help turn back the clock. With passing years, our cheekbones become more sunken in- If you don’t have it, fake it with some help from the best highlighters. The three main areas that you should apply make up highlighter to include the cheekbones and temples, the eyes and the Cupid bow (the area on your upper lip). When applying to cheeks, blend highlighter on the highest point of the cheekbones, up towards the temple. For eyes, blend highlighter underneath the eyebrow on the brow bone and into the inner crease. And when applying to the Cupid bow, just put on a light dab and add a touch underneath the bottom lip as well.

Wear Plumping Lipgloss -

Thinning lips is another sign of aging. Although you can’t turn back the clock and make your lips full like they once were, you can help give the effect of fuller more supple lips by using a plumping lipgloss. Lip gloss will give your whole face a youthful glow. Try skipping the lipstick and just wear lip gloss instead.

Wing your liner -

Just like curling your eyelashes, winging out your liner can give an instant lift to your eyes. As we age, our eyes begin to somewhat droop. By winging out your liner you are instantly giving your eyes the appearance that they are being pulled upward.

Lash Out-

Improving the length and volume of your lashes, can in fact turn back the clock. Long, thick lashes give you an instant “eye-lift” without surgery. They make you instantly look younger, more alert, and prettier. Like your skin, your brows and lashes tend to lose some of their vavoom as the years tick on, so by helping them retain their strength, length and volume, you’re keeping them in their prime. Be sure to do 3 coats of black mascara on your TOP LASHES only. Bottom lashes only need 1 coat.

Do one or more of these steps and you will be ready for your Spotlight!

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